Tips for Getting Your Teen to Wear Braces

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Normal or Not: The Post-Dental Implant Version

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Having dental implants put in place is a bit scary, but once the procedure is over, you can relax and recover. As you recover, however, you might have some questions as to whether what you’re experiencing is normal. Well, here’s a look at some things you may experience post-implant surgery and whether or not you should be concerned about them. Soreness and Pain: Normal Obviously pain so serious it makes you want to yell is not normal, but for the most part, mild to moderate discomfort after surgery is quite normal. Read More»

Don't Misidentify One of These Potential Symptoms Associated With Your Wisdom Teeth

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If you’re a teenager or young adult who goes to the dentist regularly, you’ll learn when your wisdom teeth need to be removed. However, if you aren’t a frequent dental patient, you may eventually face a number of wisdom tooth-related issues that should compel you to seek treatment. Unfortunately, it’s easy to notice one of the following symptoms and associate it with something else. This can make you shrug off seeking treatment, resulting in your wisdom teeth starting to come in and cause problems. Read More»

Negative Habits That Could Affect Your Child's Oral Health

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As your child grows, they may develop habits that could affect their oral health even into adulthood. Here are a few negative childhood habits that may affect your little one’s gums and teeth. Nail biting Even young children sometimes bite their nails. Since the fingernails are often harder than many foods your child’s eats, the excessive bite pressure that is used during nail biting may be too much for your youngster’s teeth to withstand without incurring a crack or chip. Read More»