Tips for Getting Your Teen to Wear Braces

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2 Tips To Avoid Chipping Your Dental Implants As A Teen

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Dealing with missing or damaged teeth at a young age can be difficult to do. This is even harder when you are going through high school. If you are fortunate enough to get dental implants as a teen, then this can vastly improve your overall smile and appearance. While dental implants are constructed in a way that will allow them to last many years this does not protect them from damage. Read More»

Understanding The Benefits Of Opting For An Amalgam Dental Filling

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If you need a dental filling in one of your back teeth, then you have some choices available to you. Two of the most common filling materials are composite resin and amalgam. While composite fillings are regularly used in the front of the mouth or in any area that is likely to be noticed by an observer, amalgam fillings can, and are often are, chosen for the back teeth. The fillings may not necessarily look pretty, but there are quite a few benefits to choosing them over composite ones for the premolars and molars. Read More»

Top Four Questions To Consider With Invisalign And Your Teen

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Your teenager will face a lot of difficulties as they enter middle and high school, and having crooked teeth will add to them. Braces are an option, but may not be one your child wants because food will get stuck and be visible. Invisalign is another option that you want to check into, and here are just a few things to keep in mind. What Is Invisalign? The first question that may come to mind is likely going to be what is Invisalign? Read More»