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Four Hidden Benefits To Getting A Dental Implant

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Dental implants are becoming more affordable as technological advancements make them easier to place, but they still remain one of the more expensive options for tooth restoration. However, the cost of dental implants don't seem as high when you consider some of the benefits implants can give you. Beyond a long-lasting, reliable restoration, dental implants may offer some of the benefits below. 

Easier Chewing

With most dentures and bridges, you have to be careful about what foods you eat. You may have to avoid biting down on hard foods or tearing bites of food with your teeth to keep your dentures in place and working. This is true of dental implants as well, during their healing period. However, once a dental implant has healed, it is often stronger than natural teeth, which allows you to continue eating normally. 

Easier Speech 

Bridges and dentures need to attach to your teeth using adhesives or silicone molds. While some of these can feel quite natural, they rarely take the exact shape of your natural teeth. This means some sounds may be difficult to make as your tongue learns the new layout of your mouth. With implants, the final tooth or teeth can be crafted to take the exact shape of your original teeth, allowing you to continue talking with no impediments. 

Better Sense of Taste

If you need a denture on your top jaw, part of the denture will cover the roof of your mouth. For many people this affects their sense of taste in a negative way. An implant does not usually cover any of your gums or the roof of your mouth, allowing you to taste your favorite foods as well as you could before the procedure. 

A More Natural Smile

One of the reasons many people choose implants is because they help prevent bone loss in the jaw after tooth loss. While this is good for your jaw, it also helps support your overall facial structure. This can make your smile look more natural and more like your own smile. Often, dentures and bridges do not prevent bone loss, so your cheeks may appear sunken and your smile may change, depending on your facial structure and the amount of bone loss you have. 

There are many benefits to implants. While they may be one of the more expensive options available, they are usually well worth the cost. If you want to see how they can benefit you, talk to a dentist in your area.