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Did You Just Get Dental Insurance For The First Time? Here's What You Need To Know About Dental Exams

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After a tough childhood in which you had no health insurance, you finally got the job that you needed to get high-quality dental care. However, you've never been to a dentist before and you're afraid. In this understandable situation, understanding what happens in a dental exam may help to calm you down.

Why Some Adults Have Never Been to a Dentist

The sad truth about dental care is that very few people get the proper treatment that they need. For example, you grew up in a house without health care and your parents simply didn't have the money to take you. As a result, your teeth were never checked and you have no idea what to expect when you go to a dentist.

Adults who didn't go to a dentist as a child may find that their anxiety about this process even higher than those who have gone. Unfortunately, that kind of uncertainty and lack of knowledge can be a major issue that may cause you to suffer damaging oral health issues for years.

Whatever the reasons, adults who have never been to a dentist before likely have minor to major problems with their teeth that need to be managed. And even if you properly cared for your teeth your whole life, a dental exam is still a good idea because it can give you peace of mind about your oral health.

Knowing What to Expect May Calm You Down

Any adult going to the dentist for the first time in their life may be understandably concerned about what is going to happen and need someone to help them calm down. Typically, if you know what you're getting into with your visit, you can feel better and avoid serious fear.

For example, your dentist will sit you in a chair and examine your teeth and scrape away plaque and bacteria with metal tools. Then, they clean your tooth and gums to eliminate any stains. This first step is usually the easiest part of a typical dental exam but it isn't the only step.

If you've never been to a dentist before, they'll likely give you an x-ray to check your health. This situation may be the scariest because you may find problems with your teeth. However, your dentist will talk about them in a calm and rational way and try to find a solution that works for you, such as filling cavities.

So if you're concerned that your lack of dental visits may have put you in a dangerous spot in life, you should seriously contact a professional to schedule a dental exam. This step is very wise if you notice any sensitivity or pain in your mouth because you likely have a lingering issue that needs to be addressed.