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3 Important Questions To Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist

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Are you unhappy with your natural teeth? Do you want to have your teeth fixed so that they are more aesthetically pleasing? It's not uncommon for people to want or need to have their teeth look nicer than the teeth that they were born with. But in order to get exactly what you want, it's a good idea to ask a few questions during your first visit to a cosmetic dentist. Some of the best questions for you to ask at your first appointment include:

Are there alternative treatment options that might work? After checking out your mouth, the cosmetic dentist will start going over things that he or she believes will be best for you and your mouth. However, what is best for other people isn't necessarily best for you. There may be something that will cost more out of pocket but that will work better for what you want. Or perhaps treatment time is more important to you and you want to have a procedure that will be over with as quickly as possible while still making your teeth as attractive as possible. Having different options will enable you to choose exactly which one is going to work best for you and your priorities.

How much experience does the dentist have with this type of treatment? New treatment options are coming out all of the time. If you think that a newer option is going to be best for you, it's a good idea to ensure that you choose a cosmetic dentist who has as much experience with this new type of procedure as possible. If you're not satisfied with the experience level of the first dentist you visit, there's nothing wrong with getting a second or third opinion until you find someone in whom you have confidence.

How long will the results last? Although most dental procedures will last a long time, they're unlikely to actually be permanent. The level of care that you show your teeth is going to have a huge impact on how long a certain procedure will last. For instance, your cosmetic dentist may tell you that teeth whitening should last for about a year, but this time can be greatly decreased if you drink coffee, tea, or other staining drinks on a regular basis. On the other hand, brushing more frequently and eliminating as many staining foods and drinks as possible from your diet may enable your teeth to stay much whiter for much longer periods of time.