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2 Natural Teas Alleviate Soreness After Scuba Diving With New Braces As A Young Adult

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If you decide to go diving immediately after getting your Invisalign braces installed, then this can result in soreness. New braces are still adjusting to the alignment of your teeth and working on moving them into place. Using a regulator while diving requires you to bite down on the device. Biting down on a mouth guard while scuba diving will result in some added stress on your braces. As a result, you may notice some soreness from your teeth once you have completed your dive. The soreness will go away once the added stress is removed. This can take some time, fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to help speed up this process.

Drink Ginger tea

You may have passed by fresh ginger on your last trip to the grocery store. The herb is a common ingredient in some of your favorite foods and is also a staple in teas. Ginger is amazing for drinking as a tea because of its analgesic anodyne properties. These properties are what makes it a natural pain reliever. While dental soreness is not as painful to deal with as a cavity or abscessed tooth, it can cause some discomfort. You can make your own ginger tea by grating the ginger and steeping it in hot water. Once the water turns a slightly brown color you can drink the tea. Use the tea throughout the day to see the best results.

Drink Anise Seed Tea

Anise seed is another herb that contains anodyne properties. The herb has a stronger taste than ginger; therefore, it is not as common in recipes. However, anise seed works well and fast to get any kind of dental discomfort under control. The trick to using anise seed is to allow the herb to steep for over an hour. This will make the tea as strong as possible. If you are not a fan of the taste, then you can additional herbs or sweeteners to mask the taste. Lavender is a nice calming herb that adds a pleasant flavor to any kind of tea. Drink the anise seed throughout the day in order to notice any benefits.

It can be tricky to find a way to enjoy the ocean water with your new braces. However, the fear of soreness or any additional pain should not deter you. Use these tips to make sure you are able to enjoy your next scuba diving excursion.