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3 Different Things To Weigh When Finding A Dentist In Your New City

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If you just had to relocate to a new city for work, you are going to need to find new health care providers. Here are three specific factors that you should weigh when choosing a new general dentist for your dental health care needs.

#1 Their Hours Of Operation

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the hours of operation that the dentist is open and how those hours line up with your schedule. Some dentists open early to accommodate those who need early appointments; other dentist are open late for individual who need evening appointments. You can even find some dental clinics that run weekend hours as well. Look at the dentist's office hours and be sure to ask if these are the consistent hours that they are open all year. Make sure that they work with your own work schedule; you don't want to choose a dental provider who it is difficult to make appointments with.

#2 How They Handle Emergencies

The second thing you need to find out about any dental office that you are interested in working with is how they handle dental emergencies. For example, if you needed an emergency root canal, how quickly could you get treatment? Or if a filling fell out, could they put it back in within 24 hours? Or if you suffered trauma to your mouth, could you be seen right away?

Make sure that the dentist you are interested in seeing has an emergency dentist on call or one that you can see who is covered by your insurance. Also make sure that they offer prioritized appointments for those in need.

#3 How They Handle Insurance

Third, you need to first check and make sure that any dentist you are interesting in working with accepts your type of insurance. If the dentist is part of a dental network, make sure that all dentists in the network accept your dental insurance. Sometimes, you can run into an issue of one location in a dental network accepting certain types of insurance where another location does not accept the same insurance.

Also, make sure that they will submit all dental claims directly to your dental insurance first. There are some dental offices that require you to submit your own paperwork to your insurance company; this just creates unnecessary work and hassle for you, since you are not familiar with medical billing practices.

Before you choose a new dentist, make sure that their hours, emergency procedures, and insurance policies work for you before you go forward with your first appointment.