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Situations Where Same Day Crowns Are Best

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A broken tooth will require a dental crown if the damage is substantial. There are some options you can pick from when it comes to crown placement, including the adhesion of a permanent crown within the same day. One visit crowns are ideal for a certain set of circumstances. Keep reading to learn about a few of them so you can understand whether this sort of crown is right for you.

Root Canal Treated Tooth

If your broken tooth is one that received a root canal at some point, then this may be a reason why a one day crown should be utilized. The root canal removes all of the living tissues, including the blood vessels feeding the tooth, and stops it from getting nutrients. Water is not absorbed either and this leaves the tooth dry and brittle and likely to crack or break in the future. So, when the tooth breaks, this a sign that is can no longer handle pressure and stress.

Some root canal treated teeth will actually break so severely that the entire top of the biting edge crumbles, resulting in the need for complete extraction. If you are lucky enough to have a significant portion of the tooth remaining in the jaw after a break, then the remnants of the exposed tooth should be fully protected. This prevents any future issues. And, crown placement should be completed as soon as possible because even slight pressure can cause substantial damage. Since a same-day crown is the most timely repair, this should be considered.

Substantial Pain

Some people will experience a fairly extreme dental injury without feeling a lot of pain and soreness. This is often the case if the dental nerve is damaged in a way that it can no longer transmit stimuli to the brain. However, if your tooth injury is on the opposite end of the pain spectrum and is causing a large and substantial amount of discomfort, then it may be a good idea to have your tooth capped as soon as possible. In this scenario, the pain will often reduce when the tooth is no longer placed under stress. Essentially, this gives the nerve a chance to "calm down" and pain will diminish. If you are receiving a temporary crown that must be pried loose before a permanent one can be added, this will agitate the tooth and may start the whole pain process over again. 

If you want to know more about crowns and whether a same-day one is a good choice, speak with a dental professional like David Russell DDS, Inc